Zero 18 Blloc OS Android version

Excellent news! Thx very much

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Thanks something new

My Z18 is offering me an update but the info mentions “test only - do not install without new App installer”. So No to installing?

After the second try to install the “release-4.2.0-20210419” via Blloc Updater I realized the “Test Only” text. Stupid me. The good news: Nothing happend and I am still on 4.0.1… :slight_smile:

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@jafrasch Oops, sorry about that!

@Sylvia No Problem. As Germans say: Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil. (If you can read, you have an clear advantage…)

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Hi @Sylvia,

I guess some of us are really looking forward to updating the Z18 to Android 11 and I also guess that there will be instructions on how to best do it…
Can you say if it will be OTA or maybe more safe using BllocDesk? Just asking…

Cheers and happy weekend… :grin:


Will such an update erase all my data? Or won’t the data and apps be affected?

Waiting for the update :eyes:

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Me tooo…:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

Yep… :innocent: That would be nice. But if it takes longer, then it’s also okay for me. The most important fact is a working system… :wink:

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no news yet?

Okay… Something’s happening but it says Test Only. Got this message the first time now. So I guess I’ll better wait until there’s an official statement that is safe to update…

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Btw do you know what is OTA app?

As far as I know it’s the system updater tool. OTA = over the air…

I do not skip the update !! … how have you done it?

nothing here on my z18 yet

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They took it off again. Guess that was just a lucky moment where I had this screen.
Let’s give 'em the time they need to make it work… :wink:

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Any news on when the update could be released?

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Got this popping up a minute ago. But it still says “Test only”…

@Sylvia can you confirm that it’s definitely not final yet?

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