Zero 18 Blloc OS Android version

I have recently ordered the Zero 18 handset from Blloc. I have been using Blloc Ratio on my current Android phone and I have enjoyed this experience. I look forward to start using the Zero 18 phone.

I understand the Blloc OS on Zero 18 is based on Android version 8.1. I also understand that there are plans to upgrade this so that the Blloc OS is based on a more recent version of Android. Do we know when is this supposed to be delivered?

Zero 18 will receive updates till end of 2021 and will receive security updates till end of 2022 as per the FAQ.


@Everyone :wink:

update us once you got the phone :slightly_smiling_face:

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And do we know what version?

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The update is coming for you guys at Monday with December patch… But no idea on Version info


Some one have zero18 upload a video about differences between ratio on it and ratio on other Android phones.

for now there is no fundamental difference … the most important is the color … the default z18 comes in black and white … except for the tree … which comes out in colors … the color with the fingerprint … otherwise nothing, it’s the same.


The UI of tree is the same also?

yes…it is the same … unless they implement something new with the next update.

Okay… It’s Monday and I’m really curious about the update. Any specific informations when it will be live?

Now it’s 6pm here in Germany, I got the Ratio update 4.0.2 but it sounded like the Z18 would get a complete system update (like from android 8.1 to maybe 10.something). Or did I get this completely wrong? Right now my system says v3.3.4 and Ratio itself is 4.0.2)…?


Update. Just checked if there was a system update… 4.0.1 is indicated now for download… :innocent:

Update installed. Flawless. December patch. But the Android is still 8.1. @devs: any plans to move the Z18 to a newer Android version?

@derkolarsky Not a dev, but I can say yes. The Z18 will be updated to Android 10 in Q1 of the new year.


Oh that’s pretty good news. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it! :grin:

Good news!!!

Excellent news!

Hi @Sylvia, any news or rough timeline on Z18 update for Android 10? :wink:

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Hey @derkolarsky, the Android upgrade has now been pushed back to mid-April. Sorry for the extra delay. We will also make an announcement about it soon.


Hi, any update on this?


Hi @ everyone!

The release is now scheduled for Monday 3rd May.

I’m very sorry for the additional wait for this. Sadly some unforeseen critical issues held the release back. However, they have now been solved.

I can also announce, that you will not be upgraded to Android 10 anymore.

Instead, you will be upgraded from Android 8.1 to Android 11 .

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We’re looking forward to finally sharing the next update with you soon!


Wooohoooo… That’s awesome news!!! Really appreciate all effort the team is putting in this project. You guys are unbelievable.

Greetings from the Frankfurt area :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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