Z18, Root and Banking apps

Hey there Blloc community,
I have been trying to work around the rooting to somehow be able to use my Banking and Tan apps (DKB) with the Z18 - but failed miserably.

Does anyone here have any advice or maybe even got it to work themselves? I have to admit that this is otherwise a killer for me using the phone at all… Having another device for receiving tans and doing banking transactions is the exact opposite of what i hoped to achieve with buying the Z18 and using Ratio… reducing complexity and moving towards a more minimalistic use of a mobile phone.

Any help is much appreciated… I do not want to give up on this yet :slight_smile:


Off topic.
Anyway, How did you root? Are you using magisk?
If you are using magisk, you can hide banking apps and playstore, services in magisk settings. After hiding, Clear data of playstore, play services, and banking apps. It may work.

By the way, now google is able to find the unlocked bootloader. Hardware attestation won’t work. So safetynet (cts) fails. So, there is less chance to work banking apps.

Hope you find your answer.