Z18 Keyboard for Ratio

Now that the forum has been restructured and the old wishlist is closed, I feel free to repost my wish for the Z18 Keyboard. I’d very much like to see this for Ratio. Simple and minimal keyboard.

Well, it’s planned but since it’s not essential, it’s not actively developed yet. :grin:


How did you manage to get those stuff on the .creen? Or it is all a concept?

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It’s a concept art by Blloc when launching the Z18 afaik


Pardon my ignorance, what is Z18

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It’s a phone made by Blloc

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That would be great. Anythng that is not from the regular commercial phone houses is welcome

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I tried to customize the keyboard and this the the closest that i got. I like the way the keyboard is in the blloc z18

That’s what I’ve got. I could remove the smartbar, but it’s too useful.