Z18 How to remove Blloc updater

Hey folks,

since the Blloc Z18 is also running Ratio and is updated through the Playstore, the Blloc updater app seems to be useless. Is there a way to uninstall it? I know removing the Blloc services needed to be uninstalled through the system settings ‘Apps & Notifications’. Is there a similar way to remove the Blloc updater?
Not that I desperately need to uninstall it but just asking…



The Blloc Services is not just for updating the Ratio launcher… If you need up to date Lines icon pack modified by Blloc you would definitely need Blloc Services…

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Hey… Thanks for your answer. I already bought the full Lines Pro pack that can be selected in the settings…
But I was more interested how to remove the Blloc updater app itself… :wink:

As Z18 is From Blloc You can’t remove a System app… Maybe you can remove it by Adb method but it’s risky though…
All you need can do without taking risk wait for the System update from Blloc… Maybe they’ll give the option for ability to Uninstall Blloc Services.

I already uninstalled the Blloc Services. But the Updater app is not needed any longer - as far as I understand - since Ratio is handled by the Play Store.