Z18 and color in Ratio 5


Just got Ratio 5 and it it pretty great. But there is an annyong thing I woiuld like to ask all of you if there is way to fix it.

Every time the phone goes into sleep mode and i turn it on it is all black and white. I have to go in to the settings and toggle on Color mode. Is there a way to make the phone turn on in color mode inestead of in black and white?

Thanks so much in advance


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Hi there,
You can Disable grey scale mode in ratio general settings. Or Select dashboard and enable color mode for all apps.I hope it helps.

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Hi and thanks for your response. It’s heart warming to see people help each other.

Im not sure how to follow your tips.

What I want is the hone screen to use color and the apps to use color as a default.

When I turn on the phone its default in gray scale have to here to turn on color mode:

Looking here in the General setting you can see that the only setting about graysacle is allowing grayscale for apps:

So I’m a little lost on how to proceed. I hopw you can bare with me and help me all the way to the goal post.

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Unfortunately have no knowledge about z18 phone.

You can here reach z18 officials (moderator, admins ) so they can solve your problem.

But I can suggest here some system settings you altered may cause this problem (like auto night mode, deep freezing apps , battery optimization settings etc.)

Or it may be the bug in the ratio 5.
In other mobiles we can not change color to grey in ratio 5.
You can tag someone official here . They will help. :blush:

Alright! It was very kind of you to try. I will have to wait for the mods and admisn then :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with my z18 and ratio5.
I want everything with color but as default it’s always black and white, have to turn it on everytime…

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