Youtube and Spotify start troubles in OnePlus 7T

Hey Devs,

I have hit a small hiccup midway while exploring the Launcher which shouldn’t be much of a concern but the more the feedback, the better the experience.

  1. Youtube provided in root doesn’t show any popup neither a window on root location. Tried manually opening youtube through drawer first and returned back to the root to check whether its working same issue is being foreseen with youtube only being able to access through drawer and not through root location.

  2. Similar hiccup at Spotify with a positive twist in this case . Spotify doesnt work in Root if not open in the background of the system . Meaning manually open Spotify through the drawer. Return back to the root. Playing the playlist through popup afterward. In this case, Spotify does work but requires me to first open the application in the background and then run the Spotify in the root.

Please do let me know if there is some prechecks that i need to do from my end to make this work a bit more efficiently .


I am also experiencing this. Thanks for pointing it out. Hope they release a fix for it to make the experience much better. Ratio is now getting better and better by the day.

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