Your Ratio Wishlist

In the light mode,
It would be better to have title font colour as black, having it semi grey makes it difficult to read.

Let me know what you guys think ?


Swipe up to access control panel.

I understand designers chose to stick with the simplicity of swipe down to open and collapse drawers. If user wants to access control panel by swipe down, it just removes the whole approach to simplicity and complicates navigation.

Add the ability to display all types of tickets not just flights.

Advance Focus Mode

I was just wondering if Focus Mode can gain the following feature-

  1. Instead of putting only manual focus hours there should be a quick toggle to send an automatic message/reply (of your choice) to contacts messaging you while you are in focus mode.

  2. The above quick toggle is very handy when you are focusing on driving, jogging, running or you are in a meeting or doing anything while you are away from your phone Or you need to be focused. The quick toggle can be closed once the activity is done. Right now putting manually the focus hours and message doesn’t help much in case of ‘unplanned’ activities. And also we don’t know how long this activity would last.

I have used ‘Reply’ app made by folks at Google. This app used to automatically send messages to contacts at whatsapp, Facebook Messenger lite, slack and twitter direct messages based on proximity sensors in your phone. Although I don’t wish ‘focus mode’ to be triggered through any sensor instead it should have a quick toggle which can also enable automatic messages (reply) to incoming messages from WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger lite (the current messaging apps on Tree). Every time a quick toggle should ask - “what message you want to send” Or just a blank message window so the the user can manually input the message, for example - "Currently I am driving I shall get back to you or currently in a meeting shall get back ".

This way I think Focus Mode will gain it’s true power. Ratio is already very close to it as it is giving you an option to fill the focus mode hours manually and optional ‘reply message’ which is sent automatically.

What you think please let me know.

Thanks :relaxed:


Work applications for android gsuite works well. Will there be support for work widgets in the next update?

Ex. Calendar

Adding calendar widget only pull main calendar info. No option to pull in work calendar

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Introduction of new light and dark themes have permitted the use of unique wallpapers for personalization of our home screen. As we will be only using our home screen for most of the time, use of live wallpaper will make it more lively.

Before ratio I used a very subtle live wallpaper, would love to see it under my ratio home screen.

Live wallpaper - Cartogram
Link -

Screenshot of the same on my lock screen is attached.


Please try to enable the ability to add widgets in the root (ie feed) this allows the users to personalize thier
Lanchers or just add a app( which supports root) which adds a widget in the root

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Adding shortcuts ability to the tile screen would be amazing.

thanks alot for letting me discover this app, it’s amazing. sadly for some reasons it doesn’t let me apply it only for the lockscreen :c

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You’re welcome :grin:

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nyc suggestions

Please add an option of bold text in the tiles.
Sometimes it is hard to see depending on the wallpaper.