Your Ratio Wishlist

i would like to have my favourite contacts in root if possible

I think this will be available in tree.

When weather card pinned, it’s showing address with pin code. When we take screenshot we would have to edit the screen shot to protect our personal information.
If it is possible, make it show only place name instead of all the information (address) on pinned weather card.
We do not need our pincode on pinned weather card. I think/wish we just need weather conditions and the place where we live. That information is enough in my openion.

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Whenever I add the option of Timer from root it starts making noise when the timer period is over , even if i put my phone on vibration
Kindly add the function of providing vibration function to the stopwatch whenever the timer period is over in DND mode or in silent mode

Just a slight suggestion, could you guys give us the option to expand the pinned cards and hind the notification pill when do not disturb is on?
Also, is having the option to set the pinned calendar card to show event the next day would be lovely.
Ratio is absolutely awesome and I hope that my suggestions would make it even better!


What about the chance to just set the border line in yellow in some tiles?


Yess, i agree with you! It would be a much better UX with this small edit. :smiley:

Love the idea of the New drawer… and disappearing once the app is opened once. :smiley:

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  • Swipe up to close session (so that if you pull down again it will only open the first drawer, not every drawer that was previously open)
  • custom accent
  • chance of having the same app in multiple drawers
  • focus mode that hides the nonessential apps (that could be changed by longpressing apps)
  • chance of hiding the bottom bar into the logo by tapping it (the logo)
  • something that overrides assistant corner gesture so that it doesn’t conflict with the button in the bottom-right
  • folders inside of drawers, or even better ↓
  • groups inside drawers
  • google search in the bottom bar without creating a tile in root

Firstly, the Blloc team has done fantastic work so far :clap:. Ratio gets better and better per update.

I was thinking over a couple of weeks and wondered if the Blloc team could consider making it possible to hide the Root and Tree?


  1. One may want a total minimal experience with simply the Tiles alone.

  2. Not all may be big on messaging or social media, so having a page that they may not want to use often may actually be a limiting factor.

Example: Samsung devices have Samsung Daily to the left of the home screen. Some people find it useful while others do not. Those who do not can simply HIDE the Samsung Daily page and thus can interact with their devices in a manner comfortable to them as individuals.

  1. Similarly, not all Ratio users may be making use of the Root. This is may be so if one has significantly invested in other apps offering services such as weather, to do lists, converters etc. In that regard, such individuals may want to hide the Root so as to not accidentally swipe into there.

  2. Next may be an issue of privacy. Some Ratio users may put sensitive info in the Root (ie in the Notes). Further, as the Tree would be a hub of messages, anyone may view personal messages if they had access to one’s device.

Putting authentication is a plausible solution, but it may make the Ratio experience inconvenient (putting fingerprints all the time to access Tree or Root).

The issue of privacy may occur if one’s device is stolen or simply if an individual is in an environment requiring his/her device to be shared temporarily, or otherwise, with people (for example, if you’re doing research as a group or give a friend your device to play games etc).

  1. The final rationale is simply to give people choice. I’m a big fan of choice and options. It is YOUR device, so you should be able to use it as YOU want (:fist:power to the people!). That’s one reason many stick to Android over IOS.

To conclude:
Those are the reasons, in my opinion, that it may be worth considering to add a HIDE feature buried in the settings. Btw hiding shouldn’t erase whatever setup one has in the Root or Tree. Just until the user chooses to unhide.

Hoping this adds value guys.
(And yea, the reasons are a bit long, but I believe its good to give context to suggestions)

Wishing everyone a great day :slightly_smiling_face:
(or eve, depending where you are :grin:)


@black I think that it would not be that inconvenient after all, and it could use biometrics for faster interaction

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@giaaaacomo its true, if all phones have similar fingerprint sensors.

As many have in-screen sensors, things can be hit or miss depending on the kind of person you are. I’m a biker and also type alot so my sensor on Note10+ is hit and miss most times because of gripping tightly or typing for extended periods. If you do physical work with your hands, you experience the same.

Those with physical sensors at the back of the phone are mostly okay.

To put it into context if you watch Jerryrigeverything on YouTube, he has similar issues because he works quite a bit with his hands.

So for me a switch is more convenient.

But to satisfy all, both can be options. If the devs consider it, you can choose to have one or the other, so everyone is catered for.

Brother which keyboard are you using? Ineed that one

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THIS, PLS !! :pray::pray::pray::pray:

This simple change would make one-handed use a million times better.
But I think this change should also align the titles to the right to look good and make interacting with them easier as well.

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Honestly i think that it would be totally easier to change just one thing that would work in every scenario: make drawers only expand downwards, since from the vertical half of the screen to the bottom you are already able to reach the whole area. No needs to create a single hand mode and rethink the entire ui and ux
(And also works for both right and left-handed users)

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