Your Ratio Wishlist


  • some quick setting in the root page
  • the option to pick more color options
  • alphabetical sorting of some drawers
  • the ability to use the search bar for web searches directly to my main browser
  • Google assistant in the search bar
  • the ability to remove my notifications bar and have it in the root to be pinned on top of wanted and with matching aesthetic
  • being able to change icon and font size in the tiles
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I finally received my invitation after waiting a couple of months, and I’ve now been using Pro for just over a day, and I’m happily adjusting! I understand the highlight colour and font are a key brand identity component and why our Devs wouldn’t have them changeable, ideally,and I love the aesthetic of the whole UI.
But, I too would really enjoy being able to change font to my own preference, and I probably would try another colour just for fun too, even though the current one is perfect.


PWA( Progressive Web Apps) they would be great.


I mean I want to have an option which would make all the app icons transparent so that we can see the background more clearly

The tiles are always at the middle. Can it be changed so that we may move the tiles as we wish

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The expanded tiles are not allowing that cool fingerprint background. But rest of the times are showing it…
In the screenshot below you can see Facebook and linkedin are locked yet they aren’t showing fingerprint background but rest of the regular size tiles are showing that background. And if you guys can notice, the icons of FB and LinkedIn have also disappeared. This happens to any expanded tile if I lock it.
I wish you guys can look into it and fix it!


Pocophone user here.

  • I’d like to be able to completely remove the search bar as I really don’t like search bars on my home screens.

  • I’d like to be able to disable the usage timers from the drawers and tiles, for a cleaner UI. I have no use for that information.

  • I’d also like to be able to disable drawer names and just use the drawer icons. Currently it won’t let me leave the name blank.

  • I’d like to set a specific city in the weather tile, rather than it relying on location being switched on. Thus it would update over wifi instead of location.

  • More tile colours/backgrounds would be nice. I only have the choice of the light/dark tint and yellow.

  • There needs to be a better way of syncing/pairing with the desktop app. I shouldn’t have to change my PC’s connection to WIFI (many people don’t even have this option). One should be able to sync while the phone is connected via USB at the very least.

  • The news tiles are a bit useless as they don’t show much info, so they need refining.

That’s it for now, I’ll come back if I think of any more :slight_smile:


When I open the phone app via Blloc Ratio by default it opens the contacts list screen But what it should be opening is the dialer screen. Since other launchers are able to open the dialer screen first, hence I feel this is just a problem in Ratio. I don’t know about other devices, but I am facing this problem on my Redmi Y3.

Video file for what I am saying

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It is not a ratio problem.
You can check the phone app and contact app.
I think that you may mismatch the icon of app.

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Hello, thanks you for inviting for try Ratio Pro. After using this launcher, I have some feeling, and I want to share it it.
Before jump to that, I really want to make clarified, some my feedback is likely contradicted for Ratio philosophy, but well, I guess maybe is good idea to be have this feature.

  1. Ratio Customization, a feature who you can customize your background launcher, or profile/mode launcher based your activity and preferences. For example, if I need focus on work, I just switch to focus mode, which background automatically change to black/white color. If I in home with family or vacation, I just switch to general mode, so the wallpaper showing up.
    This feature has been implemented for focus mode, but is good to be have more customization.

  2. Paired Device. Is been here, but I want to use my another phone to have Ratio launcher too without new invitation/license code.

  3. Ability to add a stock widget from your app on card page.

  4. A message hub like Blloc Zero OS. I know is really hard feature to be have because a limitation permission on Android, but maybe you can try implemented like Apus Message Center app, you can see on my screenshot for the app

Hope you consider that, thanks before


4th point ratio has tree. It’s under development. Available soon

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I think that a good feature in Root would be the time of other countries in real time, if this Launcher is based on using the phone less and being productive, it seems to me a good feature It would also be nice to be able to have shortcuts like Bluetooth and wifi on the home screen and to have some other gradients, it is understood that blocc works with black and white but it is only my I wish lol


It’s coming use this to see what features are there and what not Ratio Public Roadmap

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Thanks for the info :blush:.
Hopefully for my another feedback also.

5. Add Google now integration in card section, maybe implemented like news card, for showing Google now must click card, but is okay for less distraction.


Maybe this has been asked for already. I’d kinda like it if we could turn off the grey scale in apps via touching the fingerprint sensor (and also turn it back on that way). As far as I know that’s a thing in Blloc OS on the Zero 18. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement though.

Also it’d be great if the onboarding would state that you could turn on and off the greyscale via the home button for the meantime.

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Your Ratio Wishlist Nice feedback :+1:. You can put the feature request in the Wishlist thread so that other members can read and up vote it.
For the 5th feedback we can select multiple app and move it to desired drawers by going to Ratio Settings > Tiles>Edit apps and Drawers > Select the apps to be moved in the specific drawer and press back to come to the Main page.

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  1. Blloc Desk connection using Hotspot for option beside USB Cable and same wifi network. Why I consider that? Because is data free and also faster transfer rate. For implemented maybe you can see Xender app which I attached a screenshot here.

My suggestion for implemented is everything still on Blloc Desk app (not like Xender using web address) but with hotspot connection like Xender app do.

Hopefully you consider that.


It’s probably mentioned before, but an option to pin a calendar would be extremely useful. I just want to see a few days ahead. Loving Blloc so far but I’m just too worried on missing any of my meetings.

I wouldnt mind if the calendar is integrated into Root as well.

Thanks and great job Devs!


I don’t know wheither it’s in the app already but i would love to alphabetically sort apps in drawers automatically. I just got too many apps in the “Other” drawer and would love to have an automatic sorting system. Or maybe i just didn’t find it yet :slight_smile:
I also think a great addition to the tiles view would be if you where able to auto-open drawers on home-pressed so that every time you press home or close an app via the home button it opens specific drawers for you. Of course you should somehow be able to configure which drawers actually get opened. In my oppinion this would be even more minimalistic if you didn’t need to do this swipe gesture because your most-used apps drawer is already opened.

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try fleksy, his black themes have a good integration with Ratio, in addition to respecting your privacy. (