Your Ratio Wishlist (Old Megathread)

We are continuously working to make Ratio better everyday. Your feedback and input is valuable to us. Let us know what features you’d like to see most on Ratio on this ‘Wishlist’ thread and we will work to make it a reality.

Ratio - Wishlist
A dedicated subcategory for feature requests/suggestions?
Shazam Widget Integration
Ratio Translation(s) and font family
Let the community vote for your roadmap
Request: Music Player
Widgets for the Ratio launcher
Clock and Calendar tile
Idea for the notes interface
Suggestion for search bar
Grayscale for lockscreen
Converter Card Reverts To Default Settings
Notification pill update
Clock widget .. . . ... ..?
Widget support in root
[UPDATE] Ratio v̶3̶.̶2̶.̶2̶ v3.2.3 🚀 (released June 25th 2020, codepush 4|27 on June 26th)
Notification text tiles
Status bar spoiled the neat look
Wish there was a feature that prevented certain drawers from closing
Shortcuts To home screen
Add LineX White and Limeline icon pack support
Pinned cards get unpinned frequently
Ability to rename app tiles
Feature suggestion: support for a "To Do" function in Root
Timer on lockscreen doesn't look right on certain wallpapers
Display notifications in the Root
“Texture” of the Tiles’ haptic feedback
Lack of currencies in converter
Feature Request - "Elevated Mode" instead of per-app lock
Integration of icon pack
Tidal integration
Feature request: autocollapse of drawers
Feature request: Android navigation gestures
Remove Search Bar
Wishlist for root panel
Is there a way to clear search history in Root Google/Qwant card?
Requesting new feature
Suggestions for Ratio
1 week usage of Blloc Ratio - Mini Suggestions
How to Close Drawers
Please add an app info icon when long pressing an app icon
Please add an app info icon when long pressing an app icon
Add task and Reminder in calendar
Can't access the official Ratio wishlist topic
[Feature Request] Please a hidden space or secret vault page pace
Adding Search engines
Suggestions for app
Lockscreen and control centre
Add stopwatch in the Root card option
More title icons
Add stopwatch in the Root card option
Media cards in Root
Media cards in Root
Lockscreen , Notification Bar
Close the keyboard of search when scroll
Gesture for notification panel
Ratio multitask menu
Hidden Apps question
New gesture idea ( swipe up )
Great work so far it is good
Built in wallpaper
Samsung S8+ New Ratio install
Need fingerprint authorization in Tree
Ratio-Wishlist for me features to put into ratio
Recent apps should be added
Default options for Apps in expand mode
App Drawer Enhancement
Focus mode functions
Map inclusion in Roots options
Suggestion: Unlock with pin/password
Custom Pill notification
Suggestions & a bug
Support for Secure folder
Ratio Deal Breakers
Fairphone 3 Support
Quick tools on home screen
Adding apps to Root
Widget Usage In the root Area
Tile size in ratio
CONTROL over Notification Pill
Support for yt music on root like spotify
Support for yt music on root like spotify
Fluidity in Search Bar
Music player card
New Features to implement into Ratio
An icon for quick settings
Icon pack suggestion
Feature request | Use installed browser from Root *Ratio Pro, Pixel 3a XL
Work Profile Widgets
Support for live wallpapers
Widgets in root
Change ratio system time
Addition of auto collapse feature and scroll
Search for more than apps
Ratio cards getting deleted
Will there be Deezer Support for Root?
Shortcuts To home screen
Google search instead of chrome
Ratio cards getting deleted
Will there be Deezer Support for Root?
Ability to reduce the opacity of app tiles on home screen
Fav contact pin on screen
Things to improve on in Ratio
Tiles position in realme 6
[Features Request]
Can't add PWA(Progressive Web Apps)
New wallpaper options
Feedback for New Feature
Ratio Public Roadmap
My ratio wishlist
Back functionality in App drawers and Ratio settings shortcut
Device administration
Adding of Widgets
Built-in icon pack
Possibility to add Bookmarks as a tile on homescreen?!
My ratio wishlist
Ratio Status bar and notifications panel
Ratio os custom rom
Missing in Root: Alarm function
'To do List' and "Google Search" options missing in the Root
Support for other Music Streaming Services
Widgets feature missing
Always on Display
Dynamic icon and gallery pictures in photo tile
Lock tile editing and tile swipe
Tree to Tree chat app
Lighter text in News
Apple Music Support for Root
How to change Icon pack
Ratio wish list
Disable vibration (haptic feedback)
Disable notification pill/ignore certain notifications?
Root - Pinned Cards
Samsung A50 - News Article screenshot not full
Feedback from me!
Search bar Google Search
In term of customization and Managment
Huawei honor 8X
Weather Root, update options pinned
Add Google card on Root
Music playing tile
Feature Suggestion : Autoclose Unused decks Yes No
Ratio Public Roadmap
[feature request] several tweaks
Icon colour mode
[Feature Request]
FEATURE REQUEST - separate pinned tiles from tiles menu + news feed screen
Mejoras y Agregados
How to change colors of all tiles simultaneosly
Some Features that will make Ratio #1 OS/launcher
Some Features that will make Ratio #1 OS/launcher
[UPDATE] Ratio v3.2.8 🚀 (September 21, 2020)
Add "feels like" to weather card in The Root
Digital wellness card
Icon Pack Request - Whicons
Root support for YouTube Music
Notification Pills Should Show The Unreaded Notifications Even If I Removed It From The Notification Panal
Ratio Public Roadmap
[UPDATE] Ratio v3.2.8 🚀 (September 21, 2020)
Minimal Notifications
Change Notes card default size
A lot of stuff (here and there)
Didn't find any option to clear app data
Ratio Dark Mode Sync?
Feature Request
Auto Toggle between light and darkmode?
Health card in root
Health card in root
Feature request - swipe down to show notifications
Feature request - swipe down to show notifications
Tapatalk support for this forum?
Add "feels like" to weather card in The Root
Highlight color for widget on home screen
I'd like to be able to import an iCal feed link (Are they RSS?) directly into the Calendar card
On Root Search, I'd like to be able to populate it with frequent terms that I'd check on Duckduckgo's News tab
Root - Clock Card feature request
Authy Integration In Root
Root - Clock Card feature request
My Review on ratio after playstore launch
Request to add an option to disable Tree Page
Feature Request: Pin / Pattern App Lock Option
Feature Request: Pin / Pattern App Lock Option
Digital wellness card
Auto drawer close after opening App
FEATURE REQUEST : Blloc Ratio in z18 style
Must have for ratio
Widget glitch+ tree glitch
Ratio Notification indicator
Are you guys also planning to add Stocks widget/Root?
Customizable Tree
Getting notifications and able to respond to them using Blloc desk only
Outlook/Office365 calendar integration
Feature Request: Calculator card 6 d.p

I want blloc keyboard. It looks simple and beautiful :heart_eyes:. Please bring it to ratio.


I would like to see the status bar as seen on the website image. On my oneplus 7T I see the stock status bar and not as seen on the website. I want the status bar also like the Ratio os.


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Currently we are focusing on making Ratio better by improving the connection with BllocDesk as well as developing the Tree and the Root. The keyboard is not something essential for the experience but it definitely adds to it. We’ll bring it to ratio in the future, but we’re not actively developing it yet.


Thanks for letting us know. For now we didn’t have plans to include it but we’ll consider doing that in the future.


Hi, first of all thank you for Ratio (oneplus7)! This is really a very nice os. Question: When will be the conversation part available. Is it all ready possible to sync notes between Ratio and Blloc desk?
That’s for now. Thanks again, all the best.


The notes are already syncing! they are not syncing for you?

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No, it is not syncing.

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are you sure you are using the Notes Card in Root not the Notes app (that is from OxygenOS) ?

If you mean the Notes card in root, please tell me your versions (Root version, MAc/linux, and BllocDesk version thanks!)

Yes, you right. I used the oxygen os!
Notes Card in root works.
Thank you

Hello, thanks for the invite
Ratio looks good and smooth, the design is very minimal and functional
Few issues I’ll write in another post
Now let’s get to the wishlist
1- MEDIA CONTROLS for people who don’t use Spotify (I use YouTube music )
3- changing to sun mode with the system light mode
2- option to pin some widgets to root or in drawer (maybe some expandable widgets from the app icon)
3-I know Qwant is more private but It’ll be nice to add Google search and/or voice search option in root .
4- adding more colors to marker (some people hates yellow … just saying :sweat_smile:)


I’m loving Ratio so far! its been smooth with a bit of some bugs but still good nonetheless but I do wanna see some stuff in the future!!! so here is my wish list.

  • MNML Mode!!! So we can choose to switch to a normal-ish launcher layout whenever the need arises. (Like the weekends)

  • Media control for non-Spotify players like Apple Music

  • A choice to be able to use Google Assistant in conjunction with Ratio

  • Solid white markers for the tiles for that two tone black and white look

  • I know this is very small, but maybe synced notification pills, i noticed that the pills are usually out of sync and sometimes it annoys me just a bit

That’s all i can think for now! Again thank you so much for letting us all test Ratio!!! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


@manaf.alhashimi @Kml92100 thank you guys for your feedback!
We’ll work on a media controller card that works for most services.

Can you elaborate on this please ? I don’t know what you mean exactly.


I would love to have some kind of option for work profile apps, I cant seem to find them currently which for limit the usability of the launcher for me.


The ability to open the app info page (where we see notifications etc.) from the long press menu.


Double tap to turn off screen
That feature is really handy


Double tap to sleep for sure
and also the ability to pin websites (PWA apps?) onto Ratio drawers.
with that i can at least access this community with one click.


customizable icon sizes, google search on the home page & optional dock with mini icons for 4/5 main apps.


Google Cards integrated :slightly_smiling_face:


The ability to connect to a desktop without wireless capability (either through WAN or USB).