Xiaomi Redmi K20/K20 Pro

This channel is here to discuss Blloc and its features/bugs in Xiaomi Redmi K20/K20 Pro.
Feel Free to hop in for a discussion and suggestion.

I’d post this in the subforum dedicated to bugs

EDIT: Feature requests are best put here for best visibility to the devs: Your Ratio Wishlist

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I am not able to add any apps on my newly created custom drawer.
Is anyone else facing this issue?

Did you try to add apps both ways?

  1. Ratio Settings -> Tiles -> Edit Apps and Drawers
  2. By dragging the app tiles into the drawer on the home screen

Also I’d recommend to post in the “unsupported device” subforum as your device seems to not be officially supported right now

Big Thanks @Nostalgia !!!
Step 1 is working Great
Step 2 doesn’t work
Maybe due to the unsupported status.

I’m glad at least step 1 worked. :slight_smile:
This way you can probably endure using the launcher. :smiley:

I’d like to emphasize to post in the unsupported device subforum now so the devs will notice there’s someone with your phone model that wants the model to be supported.

Yes, I’ve Marked this thread in unsupported device subforum.
Cheers :smiley: