Xiaomi poco F1 :Unable to install blloc ratio launcher

Device brand and model: Xiaomi poco

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Ratio version: 30203

Problems encountered when using ratio:


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I have done the requested procedure.
Blloc services downloads the updates , and when I click install … It says installing update and disappears. … and when refreshed it starts downloading update again … Never really installing as I see no more launchers at my default launcher option.

Another Poco user here. I got Ratio to install but it didn’t actually complete the installation in the desktop app. I think it got as far as step 4 and then asked for the invite code again, and restarted the installation process. After doing that three times I realised it was installed on my phone, despite never officially finishing to install.

you also check here that your device is already supported or in line to get support or not.

I’m having the exact same issue
Please fix it soon
Device poco F1

This is a beta build. Prone to such errors. And your phone isn’t officially supported.
Saying fix it soon is a disrespectful act towards the devs.

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same issue

@chetan0991112 @shad0w
Follow these for pro Can't install ratio on my device (Redmi 7A)

And for lite do these Ratio lite installation problem mi9t

I have faced same issue,but one of the guy posted a solution for that…i tried that and that is fixed.

First, open Xiaomi Downloads app, then open Blloc Services.
Second, download the app (Ratio Light/Blloc Lines) via Blloc service, and then open the Downloads app, pause the app download.
Third, force stop Blloc service, and then resume the download on Downloads app.
Fourth, after it finished, just open it and install the apk like usual.

Make sure these are enabledScreenshot_2020-06-30-13-22-03-025_com.android.settings

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