Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro/K20 Pro feedback

I haven’t seen my 9t pro in the supported list although I have been allowed to try Ratio on it. I’ve been using the Ratio Pro version for about 10 days or so. It is so snappy, responsive and fluid. Can’t wait for the tree, keyboard, Backup!! and other root cards to come. It really works amazing, didn’t expect it.

Few bugs I have seen in my device are:

  • Grayscale not working too well (goes off after changing screen ie. going in a chat in WhatsApp), native grayscale from Google’s Digital Wellbeing works without problems system wide
  • Significant increase in battery consumption when using Ratio in contrast to what I was using atm (Microsoft launcher), showing a permanent active use, not sure why it is due
  • App lock is inconsistent, as changing screen in-app after having unlocked it kind of forces one to re-unlock it (showing App Locked splashscreen) but won’t allow one to hit the fingerprint (maybe cause of Finger-On-Display), making it unusable; category app-lock works great though.
  • App icons are so very not sharp. Straight lines don’t look too bad but curves look Paint®-y. Maybe due to dpi. Happens in sun mode and dark mode, either marked or not.
  • Data backup works very well with Migrate Backup app, used it from rom to rom (both MIUI and AOSP) with absolutely no problem.

Using Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro with AOSP Rom (Bliss OS, very similar to Pixel stock rom)

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Post your device support request under ratio unsupported category. Mention the issues also there