Work profile apps [Known Bug]

Just started using the Ratio launcher on my OnePlus 7T and I´m loving it so far. But I just found a big issue for the way I use my phone. All my work-related apps are managed by my employer through Blackberry UEM Client and a Work profile on Android. None of the apps from this profile are showing in the drawer or in the app search bar. Is there any fix for this?

Please read this It is there under #5

Hi Juan,

While the team works on bringing this in… There’s a slight workaround I use.… not sure if it helps in your use case.

I just locked my work apps to the Android background… And just switch between the open apps from Ratio.

Thanks for the tip! Will definitely implement it

Please read this It is there under #5

That link is broken. I need this to work with my work profile for it to become a daily driver. Heck i’d donate $10 just to get this done :slight_smile: or buy you a beer, whichever devs prefer!

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Feature added in our backlog and coming up soon :wink:


Oh no, the idea of it being added to backlog is a little scary. We all know how those back logs stay back logs for a long time :wink: how can I help increase it’s priority? Yo product manager - it’s more important for people with a work profile to at the least be able to access their apps. Please bump up the priority asap :pray:

You can try what I suggested above for the time being. It’s how I’m using ratio for my daily driver too.

Unless the apps running in the background isn’t an option in your case