Windows installation

I have been using ratio since 3 months and now i want it to install on my laptop with windows 10 how can i install?

You can download Blloc desk from:

& set it up for laptop/desktop use.

Ratio’s a launcher made for Android, so I presume that what you’re talking about is the computer companion tool - BllocDesk - for your computer?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the development of BllocDesk has been suspended temporarily to ensure that more attention and effort is put on the development of Ratio instead. While the BllocDesk page is still up, you may not be able to install it as the executables have been removed in the backend.

There isn’t a way officially install BllocDesk anymore for now, but stay tuned should Blloc provide an update regarding BllocDesk in the future!

The link is dead. Please update the link

does anyone have an external link to download the Blloc Desk setup? In need of it. thanks

No all the executables of Blloc Desk have been removed from the website.

The download link does not work, you can download it from: