Widget glitch+ tree glitch

There were several glitches
First one is that when i added a currency converter card in the root, it glitches
Also if you can add some features to the tree ,that will be awesome (eg: Ticks for read messages just like WhatsApp)

Welcome to the community @Murarigaurav

  1. What exactly does “glitch” means? Does the root stutters? Or STH else?
  2. Beware that for chats other than Telegram, tree uses a notification reader to show the messages. So it may not be possible to send read receipts. (I am not a dev though so maybe they can figure a way to do it)
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Well your response was too fast
I didn’t expected that
By glitches i mean that look at the image i had provided, in the currency card of that image ,the currency sign should comes directly below the name,
But as of here it was misplaced and doesn’t looks good.
Well tree section definitely needs some improvements
Eg: there should be a reply option to a message, also some media doesn’t view in tree section.
Definitely needs some improvementsScreenshot_2021-03-04-16-02-54-389_com.bllocosn

The images i provided, one is from tree and another is the actual one , just look at the differences

Also some messages won’t show up in tree
Thats annoying
One more suggestion that I am only able to add tags to those who texted me and showing in tree
That needs to be improve as i am not gonna tell everybody to message me once just to give them a tag.

I believe the currency sign is not a glitch? Mine seems to be identical to yours…
By the way, please put suggestions in the wishlist~

Well then it proves that this was a glitch as ratio launcher doesn’t able to assemble icons on place to make it look better.
Thanks for sharing the link for wishlist, i will definitely share some improvements regarding launcher