Why give us links to an invite?

Device brand and model:galaxy a10s

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Ratio version:3.2.1

Problems encountered when using ratio: unsupported,error in installing


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why give us links to an invite when you the blloc community knows that these devices are going to be unsupported…or were you testing the probability…if so…i think you know the answer…because majority of the comments here are unsupported devices like galaxy a10s,a20…i just hope the app works for my galaxy a50

@kingotoie13 The Blloc Desk application only works with supported devices. These can be seen on the Public Roadmap. All other devices that have Android 8.1 and above can install Ratio Light for the time being and then after the devs have figured out the bugs, they’ll be able to install Ratio Pro. Thanks for understanding and collaborating.

Remember. This is a beta forum so you can contribute to the community and make sure that your device is supported!

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