Where is the using app time?

Hello,everybody.I am a Ratio user . I do not know how do you guys feel when using its UI. Well, at first, i am impressed by the appearance of the Blloc Ratio in the video. But where is the using time of the app in the folder? I really want to use it to control my using time of the phone. But it doesn’t show itself on the screen. And i have search the settings, but i find nothing. I hope that the app developer could add this function in the app. i think it is the most impressive feature i love. thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Did you provide the issue access to ratio?

yes. do you have the use time on the screen beside the “othiers” or “essential”?

It will show up on drawers which have apps with usage.
Can you post a screenshot of your issue.

ok.,wait a min

i am not sure where to set it

it doesn’t have any using time for me to see

In the ratio settings, can you click on “open” next to the usage access settings?
It should take you to the system settings page. In there, check if you have enabled usage access for ratio.

thanks a lot.body. i have solve this issue

Happy to help :slight_smile: