Where can get Ratio 4.0.2 update

Play Store have Ratio 4.0.1 and Apk Mirror have also 4.0.1. Where can get Ratio latest update version?

Is there a 4.0.2 update ?

You already have it.

Hi nevaloud …the latest update I have is the 4.0.1 . Was 4.0.2 pushed through ?

Seems like the latest update at the time of writing is 4.0.2 from the Changelog.

The distributions of updates aren’t handled by Blloc, but are handled by Google instead through the Play Store; there can be many factors that delay the rollout of an update. I guess the best thing to do is to be patient for now!

To check the current version of Ratio your device is running, you can view Ratio Settings; there, the version number is displayed at the top right of the screen.


Thanks much for the clarification ! :+1::+1:

If it was I haven’t seen it yet

From aurora app store you can update to latest version if the latest version is not showing in play store.