When will the new update come?

#Currently we are on Ratio V3.2.6

#Question is
When will the new update come with a solution to all the bugs reported by users?

Does anyone have an expected date?

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Something good is coming next week :wink:


Can’t wait😚 I’m very excited

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Can we expect tree feature in that?

certainly not… it will have some nice features as mentioned in the trello roadmap, but im sure the tree is not ready for rollout yet…

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@freyjasasi Not yet, but a great great and most wanted feature will come :slight_smile:


I think the way it was teased it would something better from the features mentioned in roadmap

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I am thinking what is that

I’m personally dreaming of the Blloc Keyboard to be honest. :blush:
But I doubt that’s going to be the case. :dizzy_face:

What could happen :thinking:

To me, the most wanted feature would actually be seeing the various bugs solved. :yum:
Luckily I’m not experiencing any of the extreme ones, but still I hope things like the black screen got the proper attention. :blush:
And Blloc Keyboard, my heart is really longing for that thing. :laughing:

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I’ll be posting a sneak peek soon :wink:

Check the new post with screenshots :smiley:


I’m guessing Google search results on the root.:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:
I would be very happy if it is :innocent::innocent:

It’s getting late this time than before :confused:. When will the update come? :thinking:
Please fix the black screen bug​:pray::pray::pray:

I really like Fleksy keyboard! It’s very very good! And best is the gestures included in it! Having been using it from past 5 years so probably i won’t change now

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