When we will get July update......?

When we are going to get july update? And what will be the changelog??

That’s not known at the moment and from past experiences the developers won’t communicate estimated release dates (which I find highly understandable to say the least)

For the changelog of past versions go to the ratio settings, for future features consult the roadmap

Edit: In the ratio settings you’ve got to click the version number in the top right corner for past updates changelogs.

Here’s the road map https://trello.com/b/pRBpuPiK/ratio™-roadmap

I am talking about the upcoming changelog and how we need to update it?

We won’t know when exactly the team will roll out an update (unless they send threads here regarding the update!).

As for updates, you’ll need to use the Blloc Services app which came together with Ratio.

Update will be announced like this when it’s ready for beta users