When The Tree feature available on Galaxy Note 9?

Hi Team,
I am using Blloc Ratio beta on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
I am waiting for use The Tree - Conversion hub.
My I know, approximately in which month this function will be available??
Thanks in advance

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They are working on it. It’s not going to be released in the next update though as it’s not on the roadmap for the next update. Also there are no dates provided regarding the release of future updates and probably there won’t be.

In conclusion you will have to be patient.

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It’s still in development. It will released in update #ratio v3.3.0. But there is no prior date for that and as far as i know its in last stage to get released to public beta testing. but in the meantime you can also track progress of features and updates of ratio here.

Ok. Thank you for pointing out. But when will #ratio v3.3.0 will released?? Any idea??

actually there is no release date and noone can say when it will be released… in the past the devs released an update monthly…

Ok. Thank you all.