When I connect my charger the ratio gets crashed and the screen dissapears and comes back after few seconds


Almost twice in a day whenever I connect my charge(Oneplus charger) to the phone ,the ratio crashes and makes it impossible to even unlock the device then a error shows it to close aur info . Yes that are the only two option I get , it hangs the phone and crashes gor few seconds then the screen display re-appears . Please help me with this it’s a huge problem for me .

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Hi have you tried the same on any other device if that issue happens its ratio issue… If its only happening on your device it’s the issue from OnePlus firmware…

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Hi there .

App crashing depends on many things like poor cpu mangement, bttery optimization services, background killing services etc.

And we need to know that when we connect charger,for quick charge, system kills background processes. That’s what is happening for you.
To prevent that we have to make sure that ratio background services run.

So you can do two things

You can find an exception to run ratio in the background so system can not kill ratio services.

Or remove killing background services (when charger connected) to run normal.

Hope it helps.
Good day.

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And can you help me with all these settings that I need to to , and I am pretty sure it’s not a problem with my device let me help you with a screenshot

Yeah, I have samsung device, but I may help though .

Goto phone settings and search for
"Battery optimization " select that and remove optimization for ratio.

Open ratio app info, select battery, and make it run in back ground.

System UI crashing is nothing to do with ratio.

If you applied any themes ,overlay aything lately plaese disable them and check.

You may also check if system crashing with other launchers like default launcher.

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Thanks for the helpfull suggestions :slight_smile: