What's the weather API that you guys are currently using?

Not sure whether this is asked before (couldn’t find it in the forum), but what is the weather site/app that you guys are using the APIs for?

I’m interested in doing some comparisons on the weather data for different sites. And perhaps there was a delay in the rain information coming through the API? There was rain this morning and I noticed Google had the rain forecast at 24% while the weather in root only 1%.

Thank you!


it was however recently been bought by apple so we are migrating. We tested a lot and it was the most accurate, and a lot of phone manufacturers use it.
which Geography are you in?

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Ah okay, yes I did hear about Apple purchasing it and going to stop the android version (sad to hear this). What are the potential API options moving forward?

I’m in Brisbane - If you see the screen record below, notice how between 02:00 to 05:00 the rain/precipitation is different compared to weather.com on Google especially at 05:00 where Ratio is showing 4% rain compared to 18%. It’s no biggie just something that I noticed that it’s slightly different. I’ve always followed google weather and bom rain radar and it’s usually accurate for rain warnings.

Screen recording: