What phone would you recommend work well with ratio?

Currently I have a oneplus 7 pro. (Which is on it’s last legs. I have replace some parts a few times.) I have ordered a iphone 13 pro max. But also, need a new Andorid phone as well. What other andorid phones work well with the Ratio Launcher?

You just need Android 8.1 (Oreo) or newer to use Ratio from any android manufacturer. Mine is Vivo Y12 @ android 11 and i’ve another Vivo device (android 8.1) using Ratio.:performing_arts:

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I’d just make sure that 3rd party launchers are properly supported with gestures. Some manufacturers don’t support gesture navigation for 3rd party launchers which would bother me. Otherwise everything should be fine which is newer than Android 8.1

Google Pixel Phones and OnePlus phones seem to work quite good, but there should be lots of other manufacturers you could choose from

I use gesture navigation on my Vivo (android 8.1) since I bought it and used it ever since. When I 1st installed Ratio during beta I kept using gestural navigation and never had any difficulties or issues.
I’m comfortable using gesture navigation and kept using on my new Vivo (android 11) and I assumed other brand of android phones’ gesture navigation are compatiblîe with Ratio or other 3rd party launcher.