What exactly is ratio?

My phone:
OnePlus 7 Pro, Android 10
I couldn’t find an answer to this so I’m asking straight away:
What exactly is ratio?
Is it a ROM or is it a launcher like Nova launcher?
If it’s a ROM, can I switch back easily (without flashing, etc.) to OxygenOS at any given time?
Which version of Android is it based on?

Is there anything else I should consider before switching?

Thanks to everyone who can help me with my questions.

  • by Jamie
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Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in Ratio, and welcome to the community! Ratio is a launcher developed by Blloc, the same people who created BllocOS on the Zero18.

Ratio is meant to be a port over of BllocOS on most Android devices, but is and can only work as an Android launcher for now. It’s not a custom ROM. That means that, just like any launcher, you’ll be able to uninstall Ratio anytime.

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For more ideas about what is this project and what is this Blloc OS and ratio, please watch @jbriones95 videos in YouTube. it will be really useful.