What about the Blloc Phone? (Zero18, ZeroXX)

In 2020 I bought the Zero18 and I am very happy with it.

Now with my wife needing a new phone and aditionally my Zero18 getting no new security updates after decembre 2022, I am looking for an alternative.

I remember that there was a successor of the Zero18 in development but I cannot find anything about it anymore.

– there is no Blloc shop anymore
– Zero18 and other phones are not even mentioned on blloc.com anymore, everything is just about Ratio, like Blloc never had something to do with smartphone development
– this forum has no accessable section for the Zero18 or future Blloc phones (in another thread it was mentioned that there is a hidden section)
– I did not find anything regarding this in your FAQs

I really like your products and I understand if there are unforeseen problems, but your communication regarding this topic is not that good.

So my questions are:
Will there be a successor of the Zero18? If yes – when?
If there won’t be successor – will Blloc provide further security updates after decembre '22 or do I have to look for another smartphone without google services?

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@RobRoyal I don’t think there will be a successor to Zero18. Even I asked about the same couple of months ago and I was told that there won’t be any new phones.

I have no idea regarding security updates tho.

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@sergeyb might assist you