Weekly Discord Report (Week 2: 24/May - 31/May)

Hello Everyone!

We’ve delayed this report a bit due for the launch of 3.2.0

A New version:-

3.2.0 is set for a rollout on Monday, 1/June/2020 and the excitement among discs has hit the roof and is going above while we’re still waiting for the update.

Bling! We’ve a guide on using Ratio - https://youtu.be/Wo5e79OfYPU (Vid available in 4K)

Ratio Installation guide: Ratio Guide: Installing & Setting up Ratio

The Super Fri: -

This week the topic has been to share about your favourite mobile. We’ve some interesting responses and “The Super Fri” this week is @vishrutkmr7

Feel free to share about your favourite mobile here.

At Discord this Week:

Users were all set and not much activity as 3.1.9 was reaching it’s end, sad to see it go! But hey, we were all hyped to welcome “3.2.0”

Ratio update is received on Monday, and now wait for the BllocDesk update starts.

User Requests :

  • Parallel app support

  • PIN support for locked apps & drawers

  • Focus mode to be able to mute notifications & also a scheduled Focus mode

  • Adding webpages to home screen

  • Swipe down for notifications (Gesture)

  • Fingerprint lock design for locked apps in expanded state

  • r/news in root

  • Support for more icon packs (User requested Whicons icon pack)

  • BllocDesk : Thumbnails for Media files, Option to selectively download files,


  • Calculator in root (Highly voted)

  • Rename apps (Highly voted)

  • Launcher settings backup (Highly voted)

  • Widget support

  • More news sources for news card in root

  • More currencies in the convertor Card in root

  • A ‘never show again’ button on the unsupported device pop-up

  • Ability to use both Google and Ratio assistants

  • TREEEEEEEEEEEE (yes, it’s coming)

  • Way to arrange Drawers from bottom for easy reach (Implemented)

  • Enable ‘Backup’ option in Blloc Desk (Highly voted)

  • Customise labels for expanded tiles

  • Sort options for Apps

  • Integrating system vide search in home screen search bar - Contacts, in app, files and browser search (better search coming soon)

  • Share options for root cards (added screenshot card option)

  • Sync Notes app with third party apps

User Bug Reports:

  • Cannot set expanded tile in centre while having 4 columns

  • Stutters in app drawer

  • “Error happened premature end of stream, needed one more byte” doesn’t let ratio install (BllocDesk)

  • Lock device screen doesn’t lock locked drawers (left unlocked before locking screen)

  • Notes card covered by keyboard while editing (Fixed)


  • Notes app has sync issues with Blloc Desk

  • Battery draining issue (Blloc Desk connection causes drain, turn it off)

  • ‘+’ on Drawer edit triggers finger print lock and results in authorisation failed (Fixed)

  • Usage stats are incorrect (Fixed)

  • Fast scroll and stop scroll in the launcher home triggers double tap gesture and locks screen (Fixed)

  • Pinning the weather card in root results in cropped view of the card (Fixed)


  • Unsupported device error while installing on supported devices

Make sure you run Blloc desk as admin, have all necessary drivers (I suggest installing fastboot and system vide adb), make sure USB debugging is turned on & USB connection is set to transfer files. If problem persists Reinstall BllocDesk and follow above guidelines

  • Ratio Pro Vs Ratio Lite

Check this https://community.blloc.com/t/ratio-pro-vs-ratio-light/2120

and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8m_9qZ3ujQ

  • App Lock doesn’t work

Allow accessibility permission for app lock

  • Notification Pill / Double tap to lock doesn’t work

Allow notification and usage access to Ratio

  • Greyscale doesn’t work for me

Ratio Light / Lite doesn’t support Greyscale

  • Dark and Bright highlights doesn’t work

Turn off Focus mode

  • Can we use both Google assistant and Ratio assistant?

No, not at the moment

  • Is my device supported?

Check road map https://trello.com/b/pRBpuPiK/ratio™-roadmap

  • We did not get Invites to the community

We hit invitation limit. its supposed to be resetting soon and we’ll invite more.

  • Invalid Code (resolved)

Server issue due to new wave of invites.

Are you using the forum? Search before you post. Also, join us https://discord.gg/CgVmpu

Are you on discord? Do not hesitate to ask (any number of times)

Thanks for the support, keep watching our #announcements channel for interesting events and giveaways.