Weekly Discord Report (Week 1: 17/May - 23/May)

Hello Everyone!
:Drum Rolls: :Drum Rolls: :Drum Rolls:

The core:-
Our view of running a discord server is to provide quicker responses to known issues for other users, keep our forum decluttered. We’re now aiming at a more streamlined way to convey voice of users to the devs all at one place.

Feel free to reach out to us for support and join us in helping devs make much beautiful Ratio for us.

Backstory: -
A while ago, when I proposed of having a discord server for Ratio users @silvertongue jumped right away and created a space for us. It started with two of us and then @jbriones95 joined us, @B_Wrath is supporting us as a MOD on the server and that formed our discord’s maintenance team

Initially there were a handful of users (Discs as I call them), a new wave of Invites were sent on 20/May which crashed our Blloc servers and users faced issues installing Ratio. We were probably sleeping while this happened, just to realise the next morning that Server has hit 50 discs.

With a warm acceptance of the server, and many users reaching us for support I thought this is the time we hit that sweet Nitro button. Announced was made that we’ll boost the server at 100 discs and by the time I went to sleep it was close to 100, all in a day.

Within 24 Hrs of announcement, we’ve hit 100 and as promised we’ve Nitro boosted it to a Level 1 server now running with 120 discs and 2 Bots to welcome and Auto Mod

pspsps - We have an Animated Server icon & custom Invite screen.

At Discord this Week:-
We’re conducting “Friday Fun” event and most interesting user / post gets a tag ‘The Super Fri’ valid for a week. A mile stone reached, lot more to go.
“The Super Fri” Disc of the week: @1ceb0x

This week is to share basic info about discs in the following format, add yours in the comments below.
First phone:
Celebrity Crush:
Why do you prefer Ratio:

Feel free to add your own speech.
Want to know what our users feel? Come check our discord.

And then later, we had a sleepy Saturday (No wonder, our MOD is the Sloth Prez). Share how your Saturday went in the comments below.

Server now has device specific channels, self assignable roles, user leaderboards, fast responding discs(users) to support and many more exciting stuff.

Our admin @jbriones95 has made videos on Ratio 3.1.9 & comparison of Pro Vs Lite, do not miss them.

User Requests :

  • Calculator in root (Highly voted)
  • Rename apps (Highly voted)
  • Launcher settings backup (Highly voted)
  • Widget support
  • More news sources for news card in root
  • More currencies in the convertor Card in root
  • A ‘never show again’ button on the unsupported device pop-up
  • Ability to use both Google and Ratio assistants
  • TREEEEEEEEEEEE (yes, it’s coming)

User Suggestions:

  • Way to arrange Drawers from bottom for easy reach (Highly voted)
  • Enable ‘Backup’ option in Blloc Desk (Highly voted)
  • Customise labels for expanded tiles
  • Sort options for Apps
  • Integrating system vide search in home screen search bar - Contacts, in app, files and browser search
  • Share options for root cards
  • Sync Notes app with third party apps

User Bug Reports:

  • Battery draining issue (Critical)
  • ‘+’ on Drawer edit triggers finger print lock and results in authorisation failed
  • Notes app has sync issues with Blloc Desk
  • Usage stats are incorrect
  • Fast scroll and stop scroll in the launcher home triggers double tap gesture and locks screen
  • Pinning the weather card in root results in cropped view of the card


  • Unsupported device error while installing on supported devices
    Make sure you run Blloc desk as admin, have all necessary drivers (I suggest installing fastboot and system vide adb), make sure USB debugging is turned on & USB connection is set to transfer files. If problem persists Reinstall BllocDesk and follow above guidelines

  • Ratio Pro Vs Ratio Lite
    Check this https://community.blloc.com/t/ratio-pro-vs-ratio-light/2120
    and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8m_9qZ3ujQ

  • Invite code already used / bound to another device
    Reset it from https://members.blloc.com

  • App Lock doesn’t work
    Allow accessibility permission for app lock

  • Notification Pill / Double tap to lock doesn’t work
    Allow notification and usage access to Ratio

  • Greyscale doesn’t work for me
    Ratio Light / Lite doesn’t support Greyscale

  • Dark and Bright highlights doesn’t work
    Turn off Focus mode

  • Can we use both Google assistant and Ratio assistant?
    No, not at the moment

  • Is my device supported?
    Check road map https://trello.com/b/pRBpuPiK/ratio™-roadmap

  • We did not get Invites to the community
    We hit invitation limit. its supposed to be resetting soon and we’ll invite more.

  • Invalid Code (resolved)
    Server issue due to new wave of invites.


Support discussions - 795
General discussions - 1690 (related to issues, and ratio setup)
Other discussions - too many to count

Admins & Mods have responded 2331 times for various support queries

Are you using the forum? Search before you post. Also, join us https://discord.gg/tgArJ66
Are you on discord? Do not hesitate to ask (any number of times)

Thanks for the support, keep watching our #announcements channel for interesting events and giveaways.
:Drum Rolls: :Drum Rolls: :Drum Rolls:

Request on a personal note:
While we’re filing bug reports, it doesn’t help the devs much without logs. I hereby invite users to share logs using system default bug report capture and share it with the devs for a better understanding.

Be advised, you will be sharing details about your activities and much more so it is on the users to decide and step forward. Word of caution is issued and do share only if you do not have security concerns.

I also request devs @Adham @Ismael @Olivier to make way for a log reporting mechanism.


Do you accept mod requests? I’d like to volunteer :vulcan_salute:t2:


We will contact you when needed, thanks for offering help.

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Well done; really nice written! Reading your summary / weekly report keeps the hype! :v:


Thank you, use ratio, discuss on Discord and improve user experience! Let’s Ratio


Excellent presentation and summary of Weekly Activities. It’s so organised. KUDOS to Team Blloc and ofcourse to Admin and Mods on this community for constantly replying to all posts and considering member suggestions & requests. :clap:

Keep up the good work! We are with you. :+1:


Thanks for the support extended to Ratio. Hope users support us too by joining discord

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Hey @BobbyV8! Time you tagged me in the main post😜

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There you go MOD, updated!!! Welcome to the Community! Finally.

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Hi… @B_Wrath. I have seen this name quite often in oneplus community. Are you the same? :thinking:

He is the same one, from OP forums

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Yup. It is me. The same one from the OP forums.

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Thanks @BobbyV8 for this well described weekly report :slight_smile:


Location: Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)
Hobbies: Making YouTube videos( YouTube.com/theChahit ) & exploring android apps
First phone: OP6T
Celebrity Crush: None
Why do you prefer Ratio: Tree and Root

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I don’t see you around on the discord servers.

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No ratio yet! He’s still waiting for his Invite.

You can still join us @venky61

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Yes @venky61 join us.

@B_Wrath @BobbyV8 I got invite for Ratio today… :slight_smile:
And yesterday I tried joining Discord but it said the link expired, so I assumed it’s overcrowded now.
I am joining now.

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The links are valid for a certain time after which we need to regenerate and update. I updated it yesterday.

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