Weather Widget in Root


Am facing one small error in the weather widget in Root. When I choose here as my location nothing happen. am living in Lebanon Middle East. Is there any way to fix this ? Thanks a bunch


It’ll help if you could create a bug report instead of a thread under ‘General’. That way, it’ll be easier for the team to cater to bugs.

Have you tried restarting Ratio or the like? I’m not exactly sure what weather provider Ratio uses in the root, but most locations should be there!

Edit: I’ve tried to use the Weather command to find the current conditions in Lebanon, and it worked (although I’m not 100% sure if it’s matching the area you’re in). Please try again and see if it works!

@areoen hey, thanks for the reply. I tried to see if anyone has a fix for it before I jump and report bugs. I’ll try to restart ratio and see. thanks again

There are many factors which can affect what you’re able to see on your end: your phone model, company, and more are just the few things that can change so much of what you’re seeing!

If your phone is not a supported device, that may also be the cause of the bug! In this case, the best we could do at the moment is to wait for the team to patch up some of these bugs for your specific device. Android is really variant when it comes to phones and their systems, and so it can take a while!

Be patient though, and enjoy the rest of Ratio!

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Turn on FPS and try again

@areoen @NEUTREONstudios fixed. the problem is that I only searched to provided places… I didn’t typed in my location. It works now. Thanks