Weather Doesnt Work

All other root tiles work but weather suddenly stopped working for me. When I select the option, no tile appears and my location and wifi is connected.



Mine doesn’t give an error message it just shows the command in the bottom right but no tiles appear. Was fine before the update so that’s probably the issue.


Try typing something in the search bar. You’ll get that error

Same I get the error and if you just select a pre existing option then it doesn’t do anything

yes. @olivier, @Ismael can you guys look into this?

Same here on my OnePlus 7 Pro. Everything else works. But neither typing or taping in the weather section brings up any info more than the simple text. Please fix! :frowning:

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I’m almost certain it’s the new update released today since it the weather tile was working this morning when I installed it but broke after the blloc service told me to update. Hopefully they will release a fix soon!

Same issue here. Search term for weather appears but no results whatsoever.

Same. I’m running a OP7 Pro

same. OnePlus7TPro here

dont get the error message but same here via pixel 4 xl

Hi, can you tell me exactly what actions leads to this please ? (what did you type etc.)


Guys thanks everyone for the feedback, I’m looking into that weather issue now.
Could you tell me if it’s weather here or weather any city that doesn’t work ? Or both ?


Both don’t work. Weather altogether doesn’t work @olivier

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i dont know if something got updated over the night but the weather works again.
Both weather here and weather any city

Edit: added Screenshot

I think it was a forced update 1.0.4 to 1.0.4:5. But after that my color settings are deemed useless. grayscale doesn’t work anymore. any app that I open is being shown in color even though in settings I have changed that to non color mode.

@olivier @Ismael can you guys look into this?

Is greyscale|colormode changes enabled in Ratio Settings > General ?

Yes it is!

For me Weather still not working, both typing or selecting the option, in any city or location.
I’m on Oneplus7

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