Waiting time for Ratio

Hello everybody, I’ve signed up for the Ratio invitation for my Oneplus 5 nearly around a couple of months before. I was very happy and excited whan I saw the “Ratio Public Roadmap” mentioning that my device is officially supported now . But, I have’t received any invitation yet. What should I do now? Help me. Thanks.

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You should’ve got a mail with the instructions on how to install Ratio together with the mail that invited you to this community. Did you check all your email folders? Spam? If it really isn’t there, I’d suggest to write to info@blloc.com

Also: Welcome to the community. :blush:

Hey, thank you for such a quick reply.
But the thing is I haven’t received an invitation to this community as well.
I thought I was waiting for quite a long time, so I searched for a forum of Blloc developers to clarify. And I found this.
The only mail I received from Blloc was on July 20 as “Invitation Request received”.
I haven’t received any other response from then. :sweat_smile:

That is quite funny as I didn’t know that access to this forum was possible without receiving the invitation. Well, Blloc is sending out the invitations in waves as far as I know. But I’m rather sure they are not going to say when the next one is going to happen. Since the OnePlus 5 is supported, you should be included soon I guess.

But, to be honest, a couple of months ago is a pretty long time. I would try to request an Invitation for your phone again. Maybe you didn’t get one because your phone wasn’t supported at the time and it was forgotten to notify you that it’s supported now…

Humongous thanks. :wink:

@kathir.avan.53 join the discord. There is a tab for invite sharing for people who have extra codes available. Join our discord and ask if someone has a code available. Have a good day :slight_smile: