Waiting For Tree Launch

Now A days blloc team give us greatful updates…But 99% Blloc Users Are eagerly waiting for Tree Launching…
Hope Tree will come very soon


Hi @Sharshad,
I can understand how eager you are like us to try “tree”.
They have been working to bring tree feature as soon as possible.

And it will be available soon.

Many of community members making posts on this, and I think it may (the rush in making app) cause bugs in app.

So kindly wait, and enjoy ratio untill…

We should support our team.


There have been many comments about it - while I get the hype, it really doesn’t help Blloc in any good way! @deekshanavipet has summed it up neatly. The best way forward is to let Blloc work on the Tree and release it when they are ready to.

I’ll close this thread soon due to redundancy. Thank you for your input, nevertheless.


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