Volume control stays on screen for 20 seconds before disappear on its own

Hi, as per the title said, anyone knows how to fix this? I got this after install Blloc.
Currently running Android 9 on a OnePlus 3T.

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I am using a OP3 and have the same issue. Trying to figure it out

This seems to cover the problem and is quite interesting if you got some time to read:

https://www.xda-developers.com/why-android-phone-volume-dialog/amp/ 2


So it’s entirely by design and is not a Bug, well alright then. In our Case some of the Accessibility features of Ratio seem to cause this issue.

Can confirm the same on my device. (Mi Mix 2) I was sure that it was due to Blloc’s Ratio Launcher only.
Hopefully there is a fix.

Can you post a screenshot of the accessibility settings?

I think it may help

Go to the settings > accessibility > advanced settings

There you can find “time to take action” . It should be “default”.

I have answered on basis of samsung galaxy.

That may change from mobile os to os.

I hope it helps.

Sadly I can’t find such an option on stock Android 9, seems to be Samsung specific

Yes, device specific. But you can try to search this option in your mobile.

And try disable/enable “system wide animations” in Ratio settings.

Give/revoke all permissions to Ratio.

There seems to be no similar option for stock Android. At least not in the accessibility settings or the developer settings.

With “system-wide animations” you refer to the animation speed setting? I’ll try that and revoking the permissions.

Seems like the accessibility setting “time to take action” is only available for Android 10. This means that the problem will be solvable for Android 10 smartphones (luckily mine will get Android 10 someday in the future).

I’d be interested if there are Android 10 users that CAN NOT solve the issue by using said option.

I’m using a OnePlus Nord now, not the Fairphone anymore. So Android 10 and not Android 9. This bug is NO problem for Android 10 and I’m pretty sure it’s Android 9 specific. Android 10 has the “time to take action” setting as mentioned before and it works to solve the problem, in fact the problem doesn’t even happen from the start since the value for “time to take action” stays “default”.