Verification Email

I have been stuck at step 4 because I haven’t received a verification code.


I am at the same problem

nothing will happen without verification code.
Wait till you got verification code

How long does it usually take to receive verification?

It might be take a week

okay thank you

I have received the invite for community but have not received the verification code. Do I wait for the same or Who do I ask for the same?

Have you got a link to download ratio in your mail?

Bllocdesk is paused. You don’t need it anymore.
If you have got an invitation, you’ll have a link to download ratio in it.

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I have the same issue
In the invitation to join the community but no verification code. How can I link the accounts now that the invite system is over ?

Download ratio from the playstore

Thanks for your answer
I already downloaded it and have it on my phone, but the issue is to link it to Blloc Desktop, it requires a verification email I can’t get

You dont require blloc desk anymore.
Use the desk tool.
Go to settings, then general, then permissions manager, and then click on modify system settings.
From there follow the instructions.

Oh, thank you, I didn’t knew that.
Now it’s working :slight_smile: