Verification code not working on Oneplus 7

I just got the invitation mail and the verification code in it for the Ratio Pro.
but the verification code I received is not working. Its keep telling me that the code is wrong. Please help.


Yeah, me too. Not working for Pixel 3.

Me too, the code is not working

Same here on a OnePlus 7

Same not working one the my OnePlus 7 Pro T

Same issue for me, OnePlus 6T

Do you mean the invitation code or the licence key?

Guys, I guess you have to use the old verification code first on Blloc Desk and later use the one which we got today

For me it’s the license key. Is there a difference? It does say I need to use the code for my free license

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Hi, i have a Oneplus7 as well and only got the invitation code email and links to download the apps, am i missing something?

Same here, on my One Plus 7 Pro. It said says invalid code. I went to try and install using bloccdesk, during the code verification step, it said the code has already been registered for my device. My phone then prompted all the permissions for the Ratio APK I already installed, but when I launch it I still can’t get pass the verification code stage.

Same, licence key doesn’t work for me either. Idk if there is a difference but it probably helps being clearer about the issue.
As for me, the invitation code works to use the blloc services app but it doesn’t work in the “licence key” field of the Ratio app

Only got an invite code in the email

It does say the code is used for both

Could it be that given the invite code you have to generate the licence key somewhere else?

I got an invide code but it says my code is invalid - Pixel 3

This is probably the issue/solution. Refer to this thread


Even i’m facing the same issue

Let’s just wait! Seems like everyone who just got the invite is having problems, maybe the Blloc servers are not handling the load very well at the moment. Only thing we can do is wait for a statement :clock8:

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Everyone. Please read this before keeping the comments coming!