Verification Code - Mi9T Pro

Hello, I just recently signed up to get a verification code. I received an email after a few hours bearing the invitation to join the community. Now my question is, is there a separate email for the invitation code for the APK? How can I install the app? I have a Xiaomi Mi9T Pro phone. I recently installed the BllocDesk app thinking the app for the phone is there but I can’t find it there. Although there is an installation guide there.

I look forward to all of your guidance,

Thank you.

Connect your phone to bllockdesk app and there you can install ratio pro on your phone by following the guideline shown in bllockdesk

Hello thank you for the reply, It says enter the verification code but the email i got doesn’t contain any code. just an invitation to the community. Is there a second email for the invitation code itself?


This is the email i got.

Yes there must be an separate email for the code. Please check.

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I see. I guess I have to wait for the second email. Thank you for your help.

It will be having subject line “:zap: Your Blloc Ratio™ Invitation”
Cheers Don

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Okay. Thank you for the heads up. :slight_smile:

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I don’t get email installation too

I guess lets wait for now. :slight_smile: At least we got to get in the community platform. :smiley:

I already get the email

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