Verification code for two device

Hello @adham I have two device, OP 7T Pro & Galaxy Note 8.
I already have ratio on OP 7T Pro. But I would also like to test ratio on my note 8. Do I need to have separate code or the same code will work.

Just reset the code using

You can use the second code in your Note 8.

or invite yourself on another email. resetting your code will render a Ratio Pro license invalid and cause the first installation to not work


Thanks @adham. I use the same email on both device. It would be great if you allow the code to be use in different divice which has same email as primary account.

@adham Yesterday I received a code in an email. I think it is for Galaxy Note 8 which I requested some days back. But when I tried to install through bllockdesk, it says it is assigned to another phone. I couldn’t even reset it because when I login to there is my other code which I use in OnePlus 7T Pro.

how many days i have to wait for verification code and also which email i can want to contact with