Users sharing APK

How are you all dealing with people who share the apk with others? Someone commented on my YouTube videos a fileshare that contains the apk (idk if it’s real though). It’s sad that people are not following the official download through the Blloc desk. How are y’all working through this?

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I think sharing the apk alone wont be good enough as they wont get access to bllock desk, secondly they dont have a legit verification code.

@abhishek.gupta131997 Exactly, Ratio needs a verification code to work and that is activated via BllocDesk. Please don’t share any apk that claims to be Ratio since it can contain malicious software and in case it’s the official apk it won’t work anyways

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people sharing apk because of the development process and this invite code method to get apk. please change this method of sharing apk in invite method.
Everyone wants to use ratio but this unnecessary method of giving invite than also blocking installation for non supported devices makes or pulls urgency to get the apk by any means


I agree…but lets give them some time to get things in order before jumping the gun

yeah. no 2nd option. But Android app development is very adaptive to any kind of device that runs open source android.

Thanks for the comment @jaishetty007. We all want the process to go smooth :slight_smile: