Use blloc in huawei y9 prime

Is there a possibility that my device can get BLLOC ratio.
BTW my device is Huawei Y9 prime
Looking forward to this if this really happen

You can get Ratio Lite if you have an invite. It’ll have some issues. Until other devices are supported, you won’t be able to get Ratio Pro.

What’s the difference between ratio lite and pro?

@Mr_tech_boss There will be a video on Ratio Pro and Ratio Lite soon :slight_smile:

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Why the apps say ratio updates

@don19235 Can you post a screenshot? I don’t understand what you are saying

That is the app that allows you to install updates OTA :slight_smile:

I click the ratio lite in my email when I tried to install it that the app that pop up.
Don’t even know we’re can I get the base app for the ratio

You get it once you open that app. Blloc services installs both Lines apk and Ratio apk :slight_smile: @don19235

Always get this whenever I hit the back button

Yes. That is usual for Non-supported devices. If you want your device to be supported faster, please read this

After reading, please post on a separate thread with the template, screenshots, and other information required. Thank you!