Update v 4.1.0 various issues

Hi All,
Just wanted to bring to the attention of the Dev’s
and everyone else that I am seeing a lot of posts on various Ratio related social media forums, Discord included that the latest update v 4.1.0 seems to contain a number of bugs which in some cases have rendered Ratio virtually unusable for some users as a production launcher, each case is different and I won’t go into it here.
Some users are advocating removing Ratio from their devices and returning to their previous launchers others have, in desperation tried reinstalling Ratio but with no success in resolving their specific issue.
I myself have suffered some issues although not severe enough to uninstall Ratio so I can understand their frustration. I won’t go into specifics here because it doesn’t help anyone.
This is so sad, so many new users preparing to leave at such an early stage because of a bad update.
I would emplore everyone to sit tight and give the Dev’s a chance to remedy things I’m sure their aware and working hard to resolve matters.
These things can happen from time to time with any App and I’m sure it will all be resolved in quick time so let’s all just all sit tight and wait for the next update.

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