[UPDATE] Ratio v3.3.3 🚀 (October 22, 2020)

Hi everyone! Today we’re releasing v3.3.3 with a lot of bug fixes. Overall the stability of the app should be way better.

It also has some cool new features like support for Whicons icon pack or the possibility to rename your apps :grin:

Have a nice day !

v3.3.3 (October 22, 2020)

New features:

  • Tiles - Add possibility to rename apps
  • Tiles - Add support to Whicons icon pack + add Icon Pack setting in Tiles Settings
  • Settings - Tiles - Add setting to pull down Tiles to open control panel/notifications
  • Settings - Tiles - Option to hide notification pills for permanent notifications
  • Root - Help card - Display basic links for newcomers (FAQ, Community, Bug reports)
  • Root - News - add an “add sources” hint as a shortcut to search for more sources


  • Root - Calculator, Converter card - Crash when navigating between history & main view
  • Root - Calendar card - App freeze when hiding recurrent event
  • Root - Calendar card - Prompt user for a confirmation before hiding an event
  • Root - Calendar card - Display ongoing multi-day event
  • Root - Calendar card - Opening an event in the calendar not working properly in apps other than Google Calendar, with correct hours
  • Root - Calendar, Notes, Google, Tickets cards - Fix swipe right to delete interfering with Root vertical scroll
  • Root - Notes card - Edit zone not visible if too many pinned cards
  • Root - Spotify Card - Spotify doesn’t need to be initially running for the card to work + improve overall reliability
  • Settings - Add close button in case back/home buttons are ignored
  • Settings - Dismiss keyboard when hiding/showing the Ratio Settings
  • Settings - Layout issues with Lines icon pack installation, overlapping text
  • Settings - Add restart button (replacing the Exit button)
  • Settings - Tiles - Sort hidden apps
  • Tiles - Add support for apps that have multiple launch activities
  • Tiles - Fix duplicated App Box
  • Tiles - Fix not able to drag app when drawer ordered alphabetically
  • Tiles - Ratio malfunctioning when App Box is at the top
  • Tiles - Fix issue with some app names (e.g. “Call of Duty of Duty”)
  • Tiles - Layout issue with app names overflowing
  • Tiles - Fix original app icons strangely cropped
  • Tiles - Fix notifications displayed in both normal & work profile app
  • Tiles - Fix notification count sometimes duplicated
  • Tree Referral - Fix display of score when not loaded yet
  • General - Detect display configuration changes and trigger a restart of Ratio
  • Onboarding - Root - Spotify not shown as first hint

v3.3.3:codepush35 (October 23, 2020)


  • Root - Weather card - Optimize expand/collapse animation
  • Root - Converter card - Fix layout issues and animations
  • Root - Fix a rare freeze happening in the vertical scrolling
  • Onboarding - Put help card in Root for all users who have never seen it.

v3.3.3:codepush36 (October 26, 2020)


  • Onboarding - Stop adding Help card at every restart & removing other cards

Wow! Nice update! The app feels even more stable now! Specially loving the rename the apps feature!


Omg. Its a very big list. Wow. Another amazing work. I never seen these kind of work even from paid apps


Fantastic update :clap:


• Add Flights Icon Pack integration
• Enable option to security protect ratio settings

I’m still not able to use “convert” in root
Great update by the way.


Wow. It’s looks so clean. Very snappy. Great update.


Thank you guys for the update. However, I would like to bring one thing to your notice. I am using Redmi Note 8 Pro and when I turn on my phone’s dark mode, the icons of the ratio disappear. Kindly fix this as well.


Damn brother, Glad to hear about such improvements and new features.

Really really appreciate your ( + the whole Ratio team ) hard work.

Thank you so much.

Have a lovely day. ( Or night :grin::heart: )


Awesome news. Really like the update. Unfortunately I only have iPhone users around me so I don’t have a chance to really test the tree… :pensive:


Awesome update. :+1:


On the next update… can you add the local Time… With the lime green. Everything else is perfect…

                                 Thank you

Wow… Fantastic… Great work guys🤩


Its a big list update. Thanks blloc for your hard work.


Wow… great update btw :wink: i have a request if possible. can you add the possibility for the notification flashing thing for all apps that i have new notifications to put all that apps up in the list? Because is hard and time consuming to find all the apps that have notifications flashing…?


Love it! Thank you so much.
Hate to tell you but I’m still experiencing a problem. I created a bug report earlier as it was happening on 3.3.2. Still happening in 3.3.3

If I click an event on the Calendar card, I get a blank screen for a second then “Error”
Doesn’t matter if I tap the name, time, or short description.
If I click the map icon, Maps opens to the location just fine.
I’m using Outlook but Google Calendar is installed too.
I’ve deleted the card and re-added it. I even tried uninstalling Ratio and re-installing.


Huoah there’s lot of fixes… :heart_eyes:


It’s been great development. Ratio is now much stable in xiaomi device. So nice to see the phone option has been added with this update. Al the best for the upcoming development. Really appreciate the work of all the developers behind this update. Hope to see much more new features in future. Best of luck. Thank you.


Issue: Ratio keeps quitting when pressing home.

Device: Google Pixel 3a
Android version 11

Today, either since my phone updated to Android 11 OR since Ratio updated to v3.3.3, Ratio keeps exiting and the phone returns to stock launcher every time I swipe up to go Home (using Android gesture navigation). This renders Ratio useless as a launcher. When switching the system to two or three-button navigation, Ratio works as normal, showing v3.3.3 is not cooperating with Android 11 Gesture Navigation.


Amazing update, I love that I can rename my apps and the fixes are most welcomed :fire::muscle:t3:

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