[UPDATE] Ratio v3.2.8 🚀 (September 21, 2020)

Hi everyone, v3.2.8 is now live.

We have mainly been working on the stability of Ratio for this release and thanks to the feedback from a small group of testers it has definitely improved.

However the “black screen issue” ie the issue where Ratio shows a black screen (or the wallpaper in some cases) and completely stops responding is still happening for some users so we keep it priority n°1 for v3.2.9.

If after a few days of testing v3.2.8 this issue happens to you please report it here and if you want to help with this issue by testing different versions of , please write it down here and I’ll send you a direct message so you can be part of a test group.

General information about changes happening with this release:

  1. We are pausing BllocDesk releases for now to focus on Ratio itself.

  2. Ratio Pro as it is now (without the Tree) is going to become the basic version of Ratio, available to everyone for free forever and we will continue updating it.

    The main distinction between what was Ratio Light and what was Ratio Pro is about permissions, more specifically the fact that one of the permissions (ie “Write Secure Settings”) can only be activated from an external computer (at least for non-rooted devices). That is the reason why the installation of Ratio Pro had to be done via BllocDesk.

    This permission and the features that rely on it (such as App Lock, Color/Greyscale Mode etc.) are still part of Ratio but new users wanting to use these features will have to download an external tool on their computer to enable the permission (there will be a download link inside the Permission Manager of Ratio).

As a result, starting from v3.2.8, there will only be 1 “variant” of Ratio available for everyone, just called Ratio, it will be installed via BllocServices at first and later (hopefully from v3.2.9) via the Play Store.

Then later when the Tree comes out, it will be available via an in-app subscription to what will then be called Ratio Pro .

In the end it will be just one app for everyone, with a subscription model inside the app. Details on the subscription and how much it will be will be posted later on the forums here from our team.


v3.2.8 (September 21, 2020)

New features:

  • Root - Calendar card - possibility to pin the Calendar card

  • Root - Pinned cards - possibility to rearrange pinned cards with drag & drop

  • Settings - Time - 12/24h format option (applied to card timestamps, weather card, calendar card, etc)


  • General - various crashes & app not responding issues

  • General - Dismiss lockscreen pinned Root content when receiving a call

  • General - “time to interact” accessibility setting will no longer be modified for new installations of Ratio. This was affecting some apps like Youtube for instance.

  • Tiles - Crash upon launching some apps

  • Tiles - App dashboard - layout issue with save button at the bottom of the screen

  • Tiles - Notification pill - some muted apps still showing a notification pill

  • Root - Pinned cards - buttons inside pinned cards not always working (especially noticeable in the Spotify pinned card)

  • Root - Pinned cards - tapping the pinned cards doesn’t work on some devices

  • Root - Calendar card - fix displayed week when today is Sunday and the setting “Weeks start on Monday” is on

  • Root - Calendar card - fix “all day” events appearing on the wrong day when local timezone is a negative UTC offset (for instance in American countries)

  • Settings - if a service is unavailable (e.g because the app necessary to use this service has been uninstalled) but “enabled”, the on/off switch will still be there to disable it

v3.2.8:codepush28(September 22, 2020)


  • Tree beta program input - Crashing on Xiaomi phones

  • Root - Notes pinned cards - Bigger previous/next buttons touchable zone, easier to use

  • Tiles - Drawers edit mode - Hide the Blloc icon so it doesn’t render on top of the buttons

  • Updates - Properly display the version number of the upcoming available version (you might remember seeing 302.8.15 when updating to 3.2.8)

v3.2.8:codepush29(September 24, 2020)


  • Tree beta program input - Crashing on Xiaomi phones


It’s really update about stability. However drag and drop for cards in root not working.
@olivier Can you brief on how to use/make it work.
Also I need to mention, while updating to 3.2.8, I got update downloaded 2 times but it’s the same version though…


Hi, can you elaborate please ? Is it crashing ?


No. I am just unable rearrange cards in root

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Ah I see sorry I misread. The cards can’t be rearranged for now, this is coming in a future update. The pinned cards however can be reordered.

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Hi @olivier, sorry my bad. The rearrange option is only for pinned cards.

I misread it as we can rearrange cards in root. Anyhow thanks for quick reply


@olivier this is amazing. I would surely like to be a part of Testing group to make Ratio better and more stable.

I’ll this update. Not adding new features just fixing on what we have now, that’s great. Thank you


I’m quite interested in how the Tree beta is going to happen for which we can now apply. :blush:


Sure thanks for reporting anyway! I thought it was a crash with the Tiles drag & drop I got scared haha


Just subscribed for tree beta. I am excited to test it


More communication from us about this in the coming days haha


Alrighty. :laughing:


Once again sorry to scare you ha ha


I also wanted to express that I’m quite glad that you (Blloc Team) decided to go with a subscription model for all features. That way I can maximize the chance to get updates for as long as possible. :blush:

Edit: and please don’t misunderstand, I can really understand why people would want one time payments…but how would a team of developers live from that? This is a niche product and getting a one time payment generates a lot of money and then, when all people from the niche bought the product, it’s getting harder and harder.


Install went smoothly. The calendar card pinning is fantastic.

Also, you guys fixed the Notes card! It was bugging me alot. They open smoothly, before you kinda had to tap them several times. Entering subsequent checkboxes have also been fixed/smoothened.

Overall fantastic update. Breezing through quickly, no problem for Note 10+ as of yet.

Also seen the “addition/Easter egg” to the right (wink wink), it will be interesting getting an opportunity to test drive. (People EXPLORE this update!)

*Also liking the feel of the new app icon design

Thanks Blloc team
Again, fantastic update


This version is working well with one plus nord as well…good one🙌🏻


Oh, how sweet of you to say that, I almost forgot. I’ll check if I can still get any bug if I try really hard and if not I’ll update my request in the unsupported phones forum. :blush:


@olivier so I checked and we still have the scaling issue in app info section on OnePlus 6. It was not there in v3.2.6, this started with v3.2.7 update and in this update the scaling issue still persists.


I just checked. The timer bug is gone now, so I can make my tea again with the root now. :blush:
The app settings are still not scaled quite right though (see my thread on the nord in unsupported phones forum)

Edit: It’s like the issue described in a post above