[UPDATE] Ratio v3.2.7 ๐Ÿš€ (Work profile, Calendar card, Auto app categorizer) (released September 2nd 2020)

Itโ€™s working perfectly so far. Great update!FB_IMG_1570030484063


Hi All. Can someone help and tell me how I can see/get the new calendar dynamic tile. I only have 2 calendar apps showing (Samsung & Google) and those are my only calendar tiles with the icons I chose from Lines pack which obviously do not change the date

. Also I saw at someone else a weather dynamic tile (showing the temp & location) I presume in real time that gets updated. Iโ€™m on a Galaxy S10+ on Ratio Pro (v3.2.7)

After the new update why ratio pro changed to lite version. I updated from blloc services app

Hi Olivier,

  1. St time. It happened when I kept my phone for charging for more than 1 hours and took my phone by unlocking using fingerprint and I see ratio text and itโ€™s loading like when itโ€™s restarting.

  2. nd time. It again happened when kept my phone phone for 7+ hours and took it in the morning and I see ratio text and itโ€™s loading

Just woke up. I will update here when it happens again.

With the inclusion of the app categoriser, some information can be sent to Blloc (โ€œBy tapping โ€˜Acceptโ€™, you agree to send us a completely anonymized list of your installed appsโ€), which now contradicts whatโ€™s up in the Blloc website (โ€œNothing leaves your deviceโ€). Perhaps it may be better to consider updating the website; while some data is collected, the user is assured that said data is anonymised beforehand.


Even after installing 3.2.7still getting icon for update

Just cancel in notification panel. It will go.

Hi All,
Have to commend Team Blloc again on a WONDERFUL update ! Thanks !
I have found one item ( bug ) . In the Calendar root ( which is awesome ) when I have a scheduled event ,the time of the event is in 24 hr format . Need the 12 hr format being that Im in the USA. Is there a way to change this in Ratio ?

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This one is not going

Sure, forgot about this, weโ€™ll add a setting to change that.

whatโ€™s the version displayed in Ratio Settings ?

How to activate the work profile? Unable to find an option in ratio settings

Great โ€ฆThank you

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Its 3.2.3:27

Then it means you didnโ€™t successfully install 3.2.7. Are you using Ratio Pro or Light ?

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I think that depends on your OS so maybe google will give you a better answer but here how it is supposed to be in Android: https://support.google.com/work/android/answer/7029561?hl=en

Basically once itโ€™s activated, some apps can be duplicated and then they will appear twice in Ratio.

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M using Ratio Pro

Im using Ratio Pro

Awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: update


Battery life is MUCH better than 3.2.5 + 3.2.6 on my Samsung Note 10+:+1::+1::+1::+1: