[UPDATE] Ratio v3.2.6 🚀 (released August 5th 2020)

Hey everyone! We hope you’re doing well. @olivier is currently on vacation, so I have the pleasure to announce the new version of Ratio we just released a couple days ago

v3.2.6 (August 5th 2020)

New features:

Root - Calculator card

Tiles - Add an option to automatically sort apps alphabetically in a drawer

Settings - Tiles - Possibility to save a backup and later restore the configuration of the Tiles


Settings - Root - possibility to choose between Google & Qwant for default search engine

We hope you like what we’ve been working on, please try it out and share your feedback with us.
Have a great weekend


Great update. Thanks


Very nice update team Blloc! This launcher rocks…and it just keeps getting better . :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Gonna download as soon as I get out from work.

Can’t wait to try it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the update… :+1:

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1- Loved how we can google search directly inside the root, but the search mess we left with is bit of an OCD. I wish if all the search queries be merged in same card that we can expand to see all those search queries.
2- A-Z sorting is a blessing in disguise for me, badly wanted it for my drawer where I keep rest of my apps.
3- Calculator is okay. It works fine though, no compliant. Can we get an option enable haptic feedback with each keystrokes?
4- The backup/restore option is a savior. I wonder why I wasn’t there since the very first build.

I am just waiting for the Tree feature to release, like everyone. Good work here.


Tested the backup settings. Works flawless

Great work team.


Stable on samsung s8 plus.

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Loving the update! Cheers to the blloc team.


To be honest, the addition of calculator is so handy that I see myself reaching for it quite often.


Hi I tried to export my tiles settings and it opens sharing options like gmail, gdrive etc. But on all these places the file fails to attach, so what do I do…thanks for help in advance

Great update

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wonderful update :star_struck: keep rocking on :muscle:

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Hey all
Running 3.26 light on my Note 10+ .Previously had run both pro and light 3.25 experieced many black screens from day one . Since loading 3.26 I haven’t had one black screen,. Fingers crossed …

Animations seem much quicker than on 3.25

Love the calculator :+1:

A-Z sorting is very nice

Looking forward to the " tree"

Ive had many positive compliments by fellow co workers on Ratio .

Nice work team Blloc :grin:


Working smoothly on my OnePlus 7Pro, backup works like a charm and so does the A-Z ordering on drawers.

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Yea, I see the same. Unable to export the file via any app. Rest all is perfect…

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After update I got ratio light instead of pro😕

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Same. And I noticed only when single app wasn’t b&w

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! Will look into the calculator haptic feedback.
As for why some features that seem essential aren’t there from the beginning… we are a small team! However we are so excited about what’s to come and want to share it with y’all as soon as possible


I had this issue too and was able to fix it: go into Ratio settings, click the permissions button, and make sure that the permission to take photos is granted. I assume that this allows Ratio to save files onto the device, as it worked for me.