[UPDATE] Ratio v̶3̶.̶2̶.̶2̶ v3.2.3 🚀 (released June 25th 2020, codepush 4|27 on June 26th)

Head to the BllocServices app and you should be able to update from there.

Note 1: If you had Ratio PRO and for some reason BllocServices installs Ratio Light, the only solution for now will be to reinstall through BllocDesk: plug in your phone, click on Ratio, and install it.

Note 2: for those using Ratio Pro BllocDesk, try to make sure that BllocDesk gets updated automatically to 0.8.1 before installing Ratio v3.2.3.


v̶3̶.̶2̶.̶2̶ v3.2.3 (June 25th 2020)

New Features

  • General - New onboarding for the Tiles & for the Root (This onboarding is shown once and can then be restarted from Ratio Settings > General)
  • Root - Notes card - rich text editing (headers, bold, italic, unordered lists)
  • Settings - Permissions manager that allows more transparency on what permissions are used for and for troubleshooting.


  • Permissions - remove all the permissions that aren’t currently used by Ratio, for more clarity
  • Tiles - Fix edit apps screen not saving changes
  • Tiles - Improve locked app behaviour
  • Settings - BllocDesk settings visibility bug
  • Settings - Ratio Light - remove settings for features that are only available in Ratio Pro

v3.2.3:codepush(light4|pro27) (June 26th 2020)


  • Onboarding - issue with the onboarding always restarting (in Root or in Tiles) - we also added a setting to force disable the onboarding in case this fix isn’t working

Permission manager is really needed one. Thanks for the update and new on boarding is very cool. It will definitely help new users.

70+ devices are supported is the very appreciated one. Great work team. I asked Adham in the start to support midrange devices and now it’s there.



Ratio guide is comes up every time when I Swipe right to left and many more time randomly.


I never had any issues with #ratio v3.2.2. Strange

But I have the on boarding issue and it comes up every time and I also try restarting ratio or restart device


same problem. I have no update yet

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The same happens to me, the update appeared, it can be downloaded but when you hit the install button, nothing happens. Update BllockDesk to 0.8.0 but if I try to install Ratio from it, the version that goes down is 3.2.1


The same is happening with me too. Blloc services says no update available. I presume this is a phased roll out. I hope it gets to all users quickly.:slight_smile:

We pulled 3.2.2 because of some important issues regarding updating Ratio Pro and we are rolling out 3.2.3 in a few hours.
Sorry for the confusion …


Could you send a video please ?

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Thanks for the clarification @olivier. Kudos on the work. :+1:t2:

did not get nay update for my oneplus6t , used blloc desk also…it keeps disabling my hotspot and open wifi and could not update blloc services also.

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It’s trying to connect via bllocdesk in ratio. That’s why Hotspot got disabled and wifi is turning on

Do I need to wait for the update 3.2.3. I am already in v3. 2.2?

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so how i update? it is showing no updates available in blloc services

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Olivier told they pulled it back to some issues. You can update after few hours

Ok 3.2.3 is live


Got it installed successfully. Blloc services app also updated

Installed…works pretty well on my OnePlus 6 as of now…:+1:t2:

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