Update on Ratio ( Version 5 )?

I just saw Ratio Version 5 Update .
Couldn’t install it though.
On restarting device , it was gone .
Running with full stability on Samsung s8+ since installation .
Lockscreen Screen glitch still Present .
Description : when you pin a card in Root command ,
It tries to appear in Lockscreen, but fails .
All is see is Time at the Top
An empty Square Box in the center
And " Tap here to Dismiss " at the bottom.

Fixed it by clearing data and cache , which resets the App Drawers etc .

There is no version 5 on ratio. The latest version is 3.2.4? Could you please explain bit more?

Version 5 update is of the Blloc Services. It has now been updated to v1. 5
It added a new option of resetting or restarting Blloc Services in case of any issue.


Just now checked got the new update


@jbriones95 @BobbyV8 is this blloc services update related to next big update which includes :christmas_tree: tree?

Please give some info?

No Sir :slight_smile: tree is still an awaited update.

I got the update. I installed it took seconds and nothing happened.

Read the section carefully. This small update was for blloc service app which has been updated to v1.5 . Ratio is still on 3.2.4.

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Blloc Services update was targeted at resolving installation issues. Nothing to do with Tree, Christmas is far away :stuck_out_tongue:


What I thought was it’s a pre process of tree cause it’s needs some permission and apis. So they enable it via blloc services instead of bllocdesk to get a smooth tree update in future.

Welcome again @BobbyV8

I didn’t see you here for quite some time.

Happy to see you again

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Thank you, I’ve been busy with work that I couldn’t see what’s going on here. I might probably be checking more often now on.

Yes, BS5 is to ensure smooth updates, not just limited to Tree (not in particular)