Update for Tree feature?

When will be getting the update for TREE feature??

It’s on the roadmap for 3.3.0 but it’s not known when the update will be released. They are working on it. Please be patient.

The tree feature is so much permission needed because its like a “single” tree messaging media comprising all the apps.
They need some time for that.I hope it will come soon.


this app is similar to tree. check this out

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Its feel like a whole operating system
Awesome features. Waiting for the next update.

This app is pretty buggy though.it crashes all the time

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You are right, the main issue is to integrate every messaging platform. which need a lot permission.

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I’m keen to see tree. I updated ratio pro but it’s still missing tree.

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It’s not released for Ratio launcher as of now. Under development

This app is currently not working. That crashing for everyone