Update failure - Z18 phone blocked with BllocOS 3.3.3


This post was deleted today: why? It’s a legitimate question on a real case. cc @gpm & @ArnaudN44 who posted replies to my original post.

I’m a user of the Blloc phone Z18.

I just updated to BllocOS 3.3.3: the update went wrong after restart and now my phone is completely blocked (no command screen at the android boot).

  • In recovery mode I flashed to factory state => no change
  • I tried to reinstall through your mac BllocFlash => install of Blloc 3.3.3 => still the same error after reboot

I saw that you had few days ago an issue with Ration 3.3.3 and updated it to 3.3.4 => are we here in the same situation, the os updater + Bllocflash forcing me to install a buggy version (3.3.4), meaning I have to wait for an update?


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